S.S Rajendran Tamil Video Songs

S.S Rajendran PhotoS.S Rajendran started as a theatre artist. He debuted in Parasakthi and became one of the most popular stars of Tamil cinema in 1950s to 1960s.

He moved into politics, but due to his personal problems led him to his fall in his film career and in politics.

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Aalayamani - Kannana Kannanukku

Aalayamani - Thookkam Un Kangalil

Aalayamani - Satti Suttadhada

Muthu Mandapam - Enna Solli Paaduven

Muthu Mandapam - Sonnalum Vetkamada

Muthu Mandapam - Poorkalam

Muthu Mandapam - Kodiyavale